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March 30, 2017
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Firefighting helmets are designed to protect the firefighters head from falling objects and scolding water that may spill onto them from above. They are made of leather or fiberglass. The shield on the helmet usually indicates the Engine, Ladder or Rescue company that particular firefighter works for.


The facemask provides protection to the eyes and face from smoke, heat, and debris. It also delivers clean breathing air from the air tank to the firefighter.


Helps firefighters communicate with eachother and with the command center. The speaker and microphone are combined into one unit, which clips onto the bunker coat around the shoulder area for easy access.


Flashlights can be used to help guide firefighters through smoke filled rooms, to find their way outside at night or in buildings that have lost power. These flashlights are specially designed to be ignition-proof, so firefighters can work in dangerous areas where flammable gases or liquids may be present.


PASS - (Personal Alert Safety System) After a lack of motion lasting approximately 30 to 35 seconds, the unit will go into the 'Alarm' mode, which is a loud audio 'Alarm' signal that rapidly varies in pitch. This feature is invaluable for recognizing and locating downed firefighters.  Some models even have a built-in temperature sensor, which will also sound the alarm when the surrounding temperature is reaching too dangerous a level.


When carried together, these tools are called "Irons". Both can be used for forcible entry. The axe is designed to chop and smash through rooftops, walls, doors, and windows to help firefighters gain entry to an area or to ventilate a smokefilled area. A halligan is a mutifunctional tool consisting of a pry foot for lifting, spreading, and prying, a flat wedge for breaching, a pointed tang for pulling and puncturing, and a flat head for hammering.



The Bunker Coat & Pants are made of fire resistant materials and consist of 3 different layers that are designed to keep heat and moisture out.


Firefighting gloves are usually made of pigskin, or similar materials, that are shrink resistant when wet as well as heat resistant materials. They are designed to protect hands from heat, fire, cuts, and abbrasions. These gloves provide very little dexterity, which can make a firefighters job even more difficult at times.


Firefighting boots are made of either leather or rubber. They have a steel mid-sole for puncture protection, a steel shank for shin protection and a steel toe to protect toes from fallen objects.


Also known as SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus). Supplies clean breathing air through the face mask, allowing firefighters to work in a smoky or contaminated environment.



The rescue rope can be used to lower or hoist victims or downed firefighters to a safe location.

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